Winsford Flash

WINSFORD FLASHThis body of water is regularly populated with sailing boats. It is orientated in a northwest-southeast direction and lies just inside the Manchester Low Level Route.

Immediately to the north is the fairly large town of Winsford. This town is home to a number of shopping complexes and industrial estates.

Immediately to the east is Winsford Industrial Estate. This complex sits on the eastern side of a north-south railway line which runs from Crewe to Liverpool. This railway line runs parallel with the boundary of the Low Level Route in the area of Winsford. Even further east is the town of Middlewich.

To the west is a group of towns made up of Church Hill and School Hill. These towns surround the western side of Winsford Flash The A54 routes away from Winsford Flash towards the west. The headquarters of the Cheshire Constabulary are situated along this road on the far western edge of the urban area.

To the south is open farmland and fields.


HELPFUL HINT - This VRP is situated in the Manchester Low Level Route. If routing via the Low Level Route it is a requirement that you monitor Manchester Radar on 118.580 and squawk one of the Frequency Monitoring Codes related to your current flight rules. Alternatively, pilots may monitor Liverpool Radar on 119.855 and squawk their Frequency Monitoring Code or request a service from either ATSU.

This VRP marks the southern portion of the Manchester Low Level Route. Ensure you have left the LLR prior to initiating a climb. If planning on changing to Shawbury LARS or London Information once you have left the corridor consider monitoring Manchester Radar and displaying 7366 until you have finished climbing. That way, if you accidentally climb into controlled airspace Manchester Radar can quickly call you and get you to descend minimising the impact of the infringement.

*The Manchester Low Level Route is still part of the Manchester CTR and is Class D airspace however aircraft and helicopters may operate within the Low Level Route without an ATC clearance subject to the criteria detailed in the Manchester AIP.



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