Whaley Bridge

WHALEY BRIDGE - Whaley Bridge is a small town in Derbyshire. The town lies partly inside the Manchester CTR and is a great VRP to assist pilots in remaining outside of controlled airspace. The town lies sandwiches between rising ground and is bordered by a number of small reservoirs.

Immediately to the north is an area of open ground which separates the towns of Whaley Bridge and New Mills. The A6 Buxton Road runs from a roundabout on the north of Whaley Bridge towards New Mills.

To the east is the town of Chapel-en-le-Frith which is also connected to Whaley Bridge by the A6. This road changes from a north-south orientation to a west-east orientation as it leaves Whaley Bridge. A section of open ground separates Whaley Bridge and Chapel-en-le-Frith. To the south-east is a fairly small reservoir called Combs Reservoir. This sits approximately halfway between Whaley Bridge and Chapel-en-le-Frith.

Immediately to the west is a reservoir called Toddbrook Reservoir. This reservoir lies almost in the centre of Whaley Bridge and is orientated northeast-southwest. The northeastern end of the reservoir is cut off in a straight line where it meets Whaley Bridge and slowly narrows to a point towards its southwestern end.

To the south is the A5004 road which connects Whaley Bridge with Buxton. This road runs along an area of rising ground which is home to Fernlee and Errwood Reservoirs. 

BASE OF CONTROLLED AIRSPACE - SURFACE. This VRP is predominately inside the Manchester CTR

HELPFUL HINT - The edge of the Manchester CTR is orientated in a southwest-northeast direction in this area. If operating near here it is best to monitor Manchester Radar on 118.580 and select Frequency Monitoring Code 7366 in your transponder.


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