Thelwall Viaduct

THELWALL VIADUCTThis section of the M6 is a very unique feature on the landscape. It is commonly used by traffic arriving and departing Barton. The viaduct is made up of two separate bridges each carrying a carriageway of the M6. Each carriageway is 4 lanes wide and it is orientated in a predominately north-south direction. The Manchester Ship Canal runs underneath Thelwall Viaduct in an east-west direction. This canal passes within half a mile of Barton and is used as a published arrival and departure route for VFR helicopters.

Immediately to the north runs the M6 motorway. Junction 21 of the M6 is less than a mile north of Thelwall Viaduct and had a large Mercedes dealership in the middle of it.

Immediately to the east is the Manchester Ship Canal. This is also bordered by a large golf course known as Lymm Golf Club. The towns of Statham and Lymm also lie to the east of Thelwall Viaduct on the south bank of the Manchester Ship Canal.

To the west the Manchester Ship Canal runs towards the towns of Stockton Heath and Latchford.

To the south the M6 runs over predominately open land towards Junction 20 and VRP Stretton.


HELPFUL HINT - This VRP is situated very close to the Manchester Low Level Route. If routing via the Low Level Route it is advised that you monitor Manchester Radar on 118.580 and squawk the Manchester Frequency Monitoring Code 7366 unless you are joining at Barton in which case a call to Barton Information on 120.255 requesting join is advisable. If you are inbound to Barton be careful that you do not climb too early. It is best practice to ensure you have passed Thelwall on a northeasterly track before climbing above 1300ft.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support