Swinton Interchange

SWINTON INTERCHANGEThis large motorway junction joins the busy M61 and M60 motorways. Located underneath Manchester CTA 5 this VRP is commonly used by traffic routing into and out of Barton as well as by transiting traffic, usually helicopters, that is routing into the Manchester CTR.

Immediately to the north are the towns of Kearlsey and Clifton. Almost the entire junction is surrounded by a forested area.

Immediately to the east is a high school which has a football pitch built onto its playing fields. Further to the east is the large town of Swinton.

To the west is a golf course known as Ellesmere Golf Club. This borders the town of Walkden which is situated on the western of the golf club.

To the south is the East Lancashire Road which runs in a west to east orientation. This road links the city of Manchester to the city of Liverpool. This road runs very close to the northern edge of the Barton ATZ.


HELPFUL HINT - If operating in this area and intending to remain outside controlled airspace it is best get a service from Barton Information on 120.255 during their notified operating hours as this can be a busy VRP with traffic departing and joining Barton.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support