Rostherne Mere

ROSTHERNE MERE - This large mere is located exactly 4nm west of Manchester Airport close the M56 motorway and Tatton Park. A large new motorway junction has recently been built close to Rostherne Mere making it easier to distinguish.

Immediately to the north is Junction 8 of the M56. This junction has recently been extended to allow for an increase in road traffic and has grown significantly in size over recent years. It serves the A556 road. This makes it a great landmark to help identify Rostherne Mere.

Immediately to the east the M56 motorway extends towards Manchester Airport. An area of open ground and farmland separates Rostherne Mere from Manchester Airport.

To the west the A556 road runs in an almost north to south configuration joining onto the M56. This road has recently been reconfigured and rebuilt and is now a significant dual carriageway.

To the south is the village of Rostherne and a large country park called Tatton Park. This park is also home to a number of large meres, however these follow a much narrower and elongated shape than Rostherne. Tatton Park is also home to a number of event areas and car parks whereas Rostherne Mere is not.



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