Middlebrook Stadium

MIDDLEBROOK STADIUMFormerly known as Reebok Stadium, this VRP is situated underneath Manchester TMA 1 where the base of controlled airspace is 3500ft. Located on the western side of the town of Bolton, Middlebrook Stadium is a prominent feature on the Lancashire landscape flanked by rising terrain, line features and residential and commercial areas.

Immediately to the north of Middlebrook Stadium lies the Middlebrook Retail Park with a large car park and numerous retail outlets. Further to the north lies a series of reservoirs orientated north to south. These reservoirs are sometimes referred to as 'Chorley Lakes' however this name should be avoided when giving position reports as you will not find that name marked on any aviation charts. Secondly, the series of reservoirs are approximately 5 miles long therefore a position report of over 'Chorley Lakes' is not very accurate.

To the east of Middlebrook Stadium is the town of Bolton and rising terrain known as Winter Hill. This hill features a number of transmission masts one of which has an overall elevation of 2453ft amsl. Again, try to avoid giving position reports in relation to Winter Hill as it is not named as such on any aviation charts and has a large overall area. Instead, try using Middlebrook Stadium as your reference point.

To the west and south of Middlebrook Stadium is the M61 motorway which runs in a southeast to northwest direction. Following the M61 to the southeast will take you past VRP Hulton Industrial Estate and eventually to VRP Swinton Interchange.



HELPFUL HINT - If operating in this area and intending to remain outside controlled airspace it may be advisable get a service from Barton Information on 120.255 during their notified operating hours as this can be a busy VRP with traffic departing and joining Barton. Alternatively, Warton Radar provide a LARS on 129.530.


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