Macclesfield South

MACCLESFIELD SOUTHThis VRP is located on the edge of the Manchester CTR and it is important to understand exactly where the VRP is placed. The VRP itself is the southern most tip of Macclesfield where the railway line passes a large business park and heads towards Congleton close to the Moss Rose stadium. Almost the entire town of Macclesfield lies inside the Manchester CTR and extra care should be taken if using this VRP when navigating around the Manchester CTR.

Immediately to the north is the town of Macclesfield itself. A large college is situated in Macclesfield just inside the Manchester CTR. This college has a football pitch within it's grounds. On the northern edge of Macclesfield is a large business park which is home to AstraZeneca. Immediately north of the VRP location is the Moss Rose football stadium which is home to Macclesfield Town FC.

Immediately to the east is a collection of four reservoirs surrounded by a large wooded area. This is locally known as Macclesfield Forest.

To the west is an area of open ground with more small lakes and reservoirs. This area separates the VRPs of Macclesfield South and Jodrell Bank.

To the south are a number of major roads and a railway line. These roads, the A523 and A536, connect Macclesfield with Congleton, another VRP. The railway line also runs directly to Congleton.


HELPFUL HINT - The VRP itself is on the southern most tip of Macclesfield town. Any further north would put you inside the Manchester CTR. If operating in this area and intending to remain outside controlled airspace it is best to monitor Manchester Radar on 118.580 and select frequency monitoring code 7366 in your transponder.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support