M56 J11

M56 J11This motorway junction lies 0.5nm inside the Liverpool CTR. It is known locally as Daresbury or Preston Brook. It is commonly used by VFR traffic arriving or departing Hawarden and it is not uncommon for traffic to enter or leave the Liverpool CTR via this VRP.

Immediately to the north is the Darebsury Park business park. This couple is home to number of offices business complexes. The A56 road runs from M56 J11 towards the north passing just to the east of Daresbury Park.

To the east the M56 motorway cuts through open areas of farmland and countryside towards VRP M56 J10.

To the west is the residential area of Runcorn. This large urban area spreads from M56 J11 to the banks of the River Mersey. Immediately west of M56 J11 is a small marina called Preston Brook Marina. A north-south railway line as well as a canal lie between Daresbury Park and Preston Brook Marina.

To the south is some open farmland as well as the Whitehouse Industrial Estate also known as Preston Brook. This industrial estate features a number of large warehouses as well as offices.


HELPFUL HINT - Remember this VRP lies inside the Liverpool CTR and you must have a clearance from Liverpool Radar to overfly it.


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