M56 J10

M56 J10 - This motorway junction is situated almost exactly in the centre of Manchester Low Level Route. It joins the M56 motorway with the A49 Tarporley Road and A559 Northwich Road. The A49 Tarporley Road runs from north to south from this motorway junction to VRP Oulton Park however this road does enter the Liverpool CTR just prior to reaching Oulton Park.

To the north is the town of Dudlow's Green. The A49 Tarporley Road runs from M56 J10 to the north into Dudlow's Green. As this road reaches the town there is a large golf course called Warrington Golf Club.

Around 2 miles to the east is VRP Stretton. This is a large disused aerodrome with a relatively intact concrete runway still clearly visibile on the south side of the M56. The M56 motorway cuts the disused aerodrome is half and to the north of the M56 on the old aerodrome site is a large industrial estate home to numerous warehouses.

The M56 motorway continues to the west where it eventually reaches VRP M56 J11.

To the south runs the A49 Taporley Road and A559 Northwich Road. These leave the M56 J10 roundabout in a southwesterly and southeasterly direction respectively. A small collection of villages and farms populate the area between the two roads.


HELPFUL HINT - This VRP is situated in the Manchester Low Level Route. If routing via the Low Level Route it is a requirement that you monitor Manchester Radar on 118.580 and squawk one of the Frequency Monitoring Codes related to your current flight rules. Alternatively, pilots may monitor Liverpool Radar on 119.855 and squawk their Frequency Monitoring Code or request a service from either ATSU.

*The Manchester Low Level Route is still part of the Manchester CTR and is Class D airspace however aircraft and helicopters may operate within the Low Level Route without an ATC clearance subject to the criteria detailed in the Manchester AIP.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support