Liverpool Airport is an international airport situated 6.5 nautical miles southeast of Liverpool. It is home to a number of based airlines including easyJet, Ryanair and Blue Air. It is also home to a number of flying schools and general aviation companies.

On an average day Liverpool Airport will handle in excess of 200 movements ranging from light aircraft, small turboprops, business jets, helicopters, military aircraft and airliners.

The airspace around Liverpool is divided into a CTR and a number of CTAs. To the east of the Liverpool CTR lies the Manchester Low Level Route. To the south is the Hawarden Radio Mandatory Zone (RMZ) and to the west is the Irish Sea. General Aviation traffic is served via a number of Entry/Exit Lanes.

An interactive chart of VRPs is shown below.

A Frequency Monitoring Code of 5060 with Mode Charlie is in use for aircraft operating in the vicinity of Liverpool controlled airspace which are maintaining a listening watch on Liverpool Radar on 119.850. Selection of this code does not imply the receipt of an ATC service and all aircraft are still responsible for maintaining their own terrain clearance, traffic avoidance and navigation at all times. Aircraft using this code are not expected to call ATC under normal circumstances.Solo students fulfilling the above criteria may select code 5067 with Mode Charlie.