Leigh Flash

LEIGH FLASHThis large body of water is situated towards the northern end of the Manchester Low Level route. This VRP is popular with aircraft joining and departing Barton via the Low Level Route. Leigh Flash is home to a number of boats which sail on a regular basis.

Immediately to the north is the area of Leigh known as Plank Lane. This fairly small town is bordered to the north by open rural land with a small number of ponds and tracks.

Immediately to the east is a golf course and club. This is bordered by Leigh Sports Village which houses a rugby stadium as well as a football pitch and running track. Further to the east and northeast is the large town of Leigh which is home to a Tesco Extra shopping centre.

To the west is a small area of open farmland as well as the small town of Lowton. This town borders VRP Haydock Park on its western edge.

To the south is the small town of Lowton Common and the A580 East Lancashire Road. This road runs from within the Liverpool CTR from west to east and eventually runs along the northern edge of the Barton ATZ and into the Manchester CTR.


HELPFUL HINT - This VRP is situated in the Manchester Low Level Route. If routing via the Low Level Route it is advised that you monitor Manchester Radar on 118.580 and squawk the Manchester Frequency Monitoring Code 7366 unless you are joining at Barton in which case a call to Barton Information on 120.255 requesting join is advisable.

*The Manchester Low Level Route is still part of the Manchester CTR and is Class D airspace however aircraft and helicopters may operate within the Low Level Route without an ATC clearance subject to the criteria detailed in the Manchester AIP.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support