IRLAMThis VRP is located just outside the Barton ATZ and is part of a published arrival and departure procedure for VFR helicopters. The VRP is located where an east-west railway line crosses the Manchester Ship Canal just south of Irlam Locks.

Immediately to the north is Irlam Locks. These are located next to the town of Irlam which is on the northwest bank of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Immediately to the east is a power station with large chimneys. This power station is surrounded by a part of the River Mersey which runs into the Manchester Ship Canal. This large development is called Carrington Power Station and it is common to find survey aircraft running lines in this area.

To the west is the town of Irlam which is also home to an industrial estate and a large Tesco Extra which can be seen north of the railway line.

To the south the Manchester Ship Canal runs towards Thelwall Viaduct. Multiple industrial complexes line the canal banks.


HELPFUL HINT - If operating in this area and intending to remain outside controlled airspace it is best get a service from Barton Information on 120.255 during their notified operating hours as this VRP is on the edge of their ATZ.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support