Hulton Industrial Estate

HULTON INDUSTRIAL ESTATEThis fairly new VRP has only been in existence since Novembr 2016. This new build industrial estate is home to many warehouses from major brands such as Lidl, Aldi, Whistl and Amazon. This VRP is extremely useful as it is situated underneath Manchester CTA 5 as well as CTA 1. This means that depending on which part of the VRP you are over the base of controlled airspace is different. Many pilots routing in and out of Barton use this VRP to plan their climbs and descents ensuring they are below 2000ft when over or south of the VRP.

Immediately to the north runs the M61 motorway which is orientated in a northwest to southeast direction. The town of Bolton is situated north of this motorway.

To the east lies the small town of Little Hulton and further east of that is the VRP Swinton Interchange.

To the west are the towns of Over Hulton and Westhoughton.

To the south are the towns of Tyldsley and Astley which are very close to the edge of the Barton ATZ.


HELPFUL HINT - If operating in this area and intending to remain outside controlled airspace it is best get a service from Barton Information on 120.255 during their notified operating hours as this can be a busy VRP with traffic departing and joining Barton.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support