Holmes Chapel

HOLMES CHAPELThis VRP shares the name of the town which sits beside it. The VRP is in fact located on the edge of the Manchester CTR where a railway line crosses the M6 motorway. The town of Holmes Chapel itself lies inside the Manchester CTR, not on the edge.

To the north is the town of Holmes Chapel. This town lies inside the Manchester CTR and borders a railway line which runs southwest to northeast along the southeastern side of the town. Holmes Chapel is a fairly small town. The M6 motorway extends towards the north on the western side of Holmes Chapel.

To the east is an area of open countryside and farmland stretching towards the town of Congleton.

To the west is the town of Middlewich which is slightly larger than Holmes Chapel and is home to a small number of warehouses. Further west of that is the town of Winsford and the Winsford Flash VRP.

To the south the M6 motorway extends to the east of Sandbach.

BASE OF CONTROLLED AIRSPACE - SURFACE. Holmes Chapel VRP lies on the edge of the Manchester CTR.

HELPFUL HINT - It is not uncommon for pilots to mis-identify Holmes Chapel with Sandbach. Remember, the M6 motorway is to the west of Holmes Chapel and to the east of Sandbach. If operating in this area and intending to remain outside controlled airspace it is best to monitor Manchester Radar on 118.580 and select Frequency Monitoring Code 7366 in your transponder.


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