HILLTOPThis VRP is defined as an area of open ground to the east of Woodford disused aerodrome. It can be difficult to distinguish as the exact location of the VRP is a farmers field. Included in the gallery above are images of Woodford disused aerodrome to assist in identifying the area of open ground.

To the north is the town of Kitt's Moss. This town is bordered on the south by the A555 Manchester Airport Eastern Link Road. This road is a large dual-carriageway which runs from north-south close to the threshold of Runway 23R at Manchester.

Immediately to the east is Woodford disused aerodrome. Some significant portions of this aerodrome still survive and it is possible to make out the disused runways as well runway and taxiway markings. The Avro Heritage Centre is also visible on the southern portion of Woodford with a static Vulcan bomber on display. Northern parts of Woodford have already started being redeveloped into a housing estate.

To the west is an area of open farmland as well as the towns of Wilmslow and Handforth. Towards the northeast of Hilltop is a shopping complex called Handforth Dean. This sits just off the A555 road close to Manchester Airport.

To the south is mainly open farmland stretching all the way to the village of Mottram St Andrew close to Alderley Edge Hill.


HELPFUL HINT - If you are routing through the Manchester CTR from southeast to northwest you can expect to be told to route via Hilltop VRP where you will be held and transferred to Manchester Tower. If Manchester are operating on Runway 23R for arrivals you can expect to be crossed behind an arriving aircraft and the controllers will need your best forward speed to achieve this.