M60/M62/M66 Heaton Interchange

M60/M62/M66 HEATON INTERCHANGESituated underneath Manchester CTA-5, M60/M62/M66 Heaton Interchange is a very busy motorway junction which joins three major motorways in the Greater Manchester area. It is easily identifiable due to unique local features. The junction is a 4 way motorway junction.

Immediately to the north runs the M66 motorway which is orientated in a north to south direction. The town of Bury sits at the next junction along the M66 which is junction 2.

To the east lies the small village of Simister which is flanked by the M62 and M60 motorways. Further east lie the larger towns of Middleton, Langley and Stanycliffe.

To the west is the large town of Whitefield. This town lies to the north of the M60 motorway which runs westbound from Heaton Interchange.

To the south is Heaton Park which is home to a large reservoir and communications tower. This reservoir is situated alongside a golf course which in turn is flanked by the M60 motorway.



HELPFUL HINT - If following the M62 to the southwest plan to descend in good time before reaching Heaton Interchange. This will ensure you do not infringe the base of controlled airspace which changes from 3500ft to 2500ft and then 2000ft in just a few miles.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support