CONGLETONThis VRP shares its name with the nearby town of Congleton, however the exact VRP location itself is in an area to the east of the town where the Macclesfield Canal and the railway line cross. The towns of Congleton and Macclesfield can look similar, however there are a number of unique features which allow easier identification of Congleton.

Immediately to the north of the VRP is an area of predominately open countryside. The Macclesfield Canal runs in a northerly direction away from the VRP before turning in a northeasterly and then easterly direction 

Immediately to the east is an area of rising ground heading into the Peak District.

To the west is the town of Congleton itself. Some major distinguishing features in this town include a water tower, a railway viaduct, a sewage plant, a golf course and Astbury Mere. The gold club is split in two by the Macclesfield Canal which runs through the middle of the course.

To the south runs the A527 road which runs along a large ridge known as Whitemore and Devil's Drop.


HELPFUL HINT - If operating in this area and intending to remain outside controlled airspace it is best to monitor Manchester Radar on 118.580 and select Frequency Monitoring Code 7366 in your transponder.


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