BURTONWOODBurtonwood takes its name from the large air force base which once resided there. Today there is nothing left on the surface of the old base and it is now a large industrial estate split in two by the M62 motorway. The industrial estate is home to a number of large companies such as Ikea, Marks and Spencer and Hermes. The VRP itself is inside the Liverpool CTR.

Immediately to the north is an area of open farmland which stretches towards the village of Burtonwood. A motorway services is located north of the M62 carriageway. This is almost exactly where the co-ordinates of the VRP relate to.

Immediately to the east a number of other industrial and warehouse buildings which border onto Junction 9 of the M62. A railway line runs from north to south just to the west of Junction 9 of the M62. Also to the east is a newly erected wind turbine which sits just north of the M62 motorway.

To the west the M62 runs through open farmland towards Liverpool.

To the south is a large urban area which is home to a number of villages and an Asda superstore. It is also the site of Gullivers World Theme Park.


HELPFUL HINT - Eastbound traffic routing from Liverpool towards Barton regularly leave the Liverpool CTR at Burtonwood. Expect traffic to be crossing the Manchester Low Level Corridor near this VRP. Remember this VRP lies inside the Liverpool CTR and you must have a clearance from Liverpool Radar to overfly it.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support