Alderley Edge Hill

ALDERLEY EDGE HILLThis VRP is an area of high ground near the town of Alderley Edge approximately 4nm southeast of Manchester Airport. The hill is home to a small National Trust forest. The VRP shares its name with the nearby town of Alderley Edge, however it is not in the same location as the town itself.

Immediately to the north is an area of open ground which separates the towns of Alderley Edge and Wilmslow.

To the east is the small village of Mottram St Andrew which is home to a number of large houses and a small chapel.

To the west is the town of Alderley Edge. This town is famous for its large houses with swimming pools and tennis courts. A railway line, which runs southwest to northeast, cuts through the middle of Alderley Edge. This railway line eventually runs close to the 23R threshold at Manchester Airport. Further to the west of Alderley Edge is a large golf course and the town of Davenport Green.

To the south an area of open ground eventually runs towards Alderley Park. This is a fairly large and distinguishable business park which features a number of large office buildings and a body of water called Radnor Mere.


HELPFUL HINT - If routing through the Manchester CTR towards the northeast it is likely that Alderley Edge Hill will be your clearance limit before being handed over to Tower. Prepare to hold here and have the tower frequency ready in your standby frequency for an expeditious handover.


Thanks to Mainair Flying School for their continued support